New Perspectives

A professor instructed me to research a topic covered in the media and see if they were doing any good with it. I took her a little too seriously, and this is what I ended up with

Confessions of a Millennial

I am shamelessly a Millennial. This is a good thing: here’s why.

A Media World

Both Random and not-so-random things I’ve learned, usually the hard way, while trying to use the internet.

Life is Abstract

My brain wanders into deep and broad waters. Care to follow along?

Once Beloved

Here lies my once beloved manuscript. The one over which I have cried and toiled until it died. I can no longer stand the look of its unpublished pages. I have set it here unfinished, unedited, marked up, and dressed down. Please give it mercy, or don’t give it a second glance.

It’s not here for praise, just perusal if you please. Mostly, it’s here to give me space. I want to write again, not edit until I perish under waves of red ink.

The Strange 6

Eleven and Eight are not the only sisters in Stranger Things. This is the story of the forgotten one.