More School?


People talk about getting out of college like they’re being released from prison.

Yes, I think learning should continue throughout life, but a degree demanding four or more years of school, and thousands of dollars is not always a good choice. Education is not one size fits all.

If someone is going to give me a physical examination and call himself a doctor, he better have a degree (posted on the wall.) But if you are going to pound the keys in data entry, or receptionist work, then I don’t even care if you finished high school. Now don’t suppose I’m degrading the administrative assistant, or exulting the physician; but these occupations do not require an equal amount of formal schooling.

The answer to figuring out whether or not to further your education is not as simple as giving a pat answer to the query “what do you want to do with your life?” As if people have that figured out.

Yet, many millennials (including myself) have reached for that lauded degree. Whether or not they finish it is another discussion.

What about learning on your own? There are home-made YouTube millionaires for a reason. In fact, drudge up some history, and we can find a long list of esteemed people who did not follow traditional schooling for one reason or another.

So what’s the problem? Just learn, and don’t get the degree. Employers are the problem. I have studied and practiced writing for over ten years, and what am I doing? Data entry, and trying to finish my damn degree so I can land a few freelancing gigs without so much hassle. Sure there are ways I can do that without the degree, but boy would I like some help from that piece of paper (or more likely computer file.)

When will people wise up and see the evidence that college is no better than trade schools, self-teaching, and apprentices? Stop hounding millennials about getting a degree. Fewer and fewer are listening anyway.