Conversation Guidelines

Hear and Be Heard

We all want to be heard, so let’s take the time to listen. In sharing opinions, agreements, insights, and disagreements, every perspective is enriched. In a rapidly-paced society, taking a moment to deepen our understanding is what helps us grow as a community, as each individual has their voice heard.

I will share my views honestly, and will try to do so respectfully, but I err from time to time. Let me know if you find one of these mistakes in my writing, and share your experience so we can all learn from the richness of your individual perspective.

To have meaningful conversations, I need your help.

  • Read  and think before posting. Always take the time to follow the conversation taking place, and then add your voice to the discussion. If you have a conflicting opinion, please feel free to respectfully post it. This site is not a place I expect or want everyone to agree, but there is a standard here for respect.
  • If a comment is disruptive, it will leave. Any comments that are considered harmful to conversation, or potentially damaging to other contributors will be deleted. A short list of unacceptable discussion behavior is posted below.
  • Talk to me. If there are unsavory things being published in comments, I might not always see them. Please alert me immediately about any disruptions, and I will resolve the issue.
  • The don’ts. Do not . . .
    • Insult, discriminate, or demean contributors for their views
    • Invite or insinuate inappropriate sexual content
    • Use copyrighted material without the proper permissions. (This might help avoid unintentional copyright infringement. )
    • Disclose confidential or private information about anyone who is not you
    • Advertise in the comments. This is just troublesome to conversation
    • Troll or harass
    • If an unforeseen disruption arises, it will be handled on a case by case basis, and (if necessary) a note about such behavior will be added to this page.

After two cases of having comments removed, the contributor may be deleted from all future message board privileges. Should a single occurrence become extremely disruptive, the contributor will be removed without a second chance.

Evelyn Hope