Bijou Street

I supervise controlled chaos for a living — well, a living until I get through college at ASU (Online), and then perhaps I’ll try my hand at new occupations. Currently, this controlled chaos is Starbucks, and I am a shift supervisor. I deal with the happy customers and grumpy people. I get to enforce the rules, and decide when giving out a free sample will lighten the mood. I like this work, mostly. Everyone has their crazy days  . .

But there are always those little things to get me through those rough days, brightening them a bit, so they’re not as downtrodden. I am a soul who needs atmosphere, and human interactions. I am also a people watcher, so the store at which I work is perfect. Downtown Colorado Springs; beautiful, diverse, and a bit on the wild side — though not in comparison to larger cities. This is one of my favorite places; my second home, on Bijou Street.