Why I’m Here

This is not an existential crisis of ‘why am I here?’ that I’m publishing in hopes that pity or pious wisdom will soon follow. No, I mean quite literally why is my face on this post, greeting you, and inviting you to read on? There are thousands of blogs online, and no good reason you should read mine instead of someone else’s. Except maybe you like my style. Maybe you need to be less bored, and would appreciate and overly-inquisitive point of view.

I’m the person who prods and pries my way into situations that have nothing to do with me. I don’t want to change the world (I’ve finally given up on that phase of life,) I just want to know about it. And heck, maybe you do, too. What I’ll go on about may never develop a theme that ties everything together in a tidy bundle. Tidy bundles don’t do well in my life. I think the best things in life mix and mash. Because variety makes a person more human, strong, and innovative.

I love humanity in all it’s stupid attempts, glorious successes, and fascinating failures. So I’m going to write about those, and if you are interested, you are welcome to join me in simply looking around.

And heck, why not throw in some fiction; my first love in writing.